Frequently Asked Questions

If I am a new owner of an existing store/business trading with Goodman Fielder what do I need to do?

If you are still receiving goods from Goodman Fielder and you:

  • Are a new owner; or
  • Have changed your ABN,ACN; or
  • Have changed your Company Number

You need to notify us immediately of the change.

Please call 1300 302 027 (AU) or 0800 707 075 (NZ) to notify us of the change. You will also need to complete a new credit application form.

Why do I have to pay by Direct Debit?

All new customers that trade with Goodman Fielder are required to pay by Direct Debit. We are gradually converting all existing customers to this payment method. Paying in this way enables Goodman Fielder to keep administration costs down and therefore the costs to our customers down. It also ensures that your payment is received in a timely manner and therefore supply of product to your business is not interrupted.

Can I use my Tablet or mobile phone to complete the online credit application?

While most of the application can be completed on a Tablet or Smart Phone, we suggest that you use a PC/Laptop to complete the credit application. We have had some instances where the credit application can not be completed by customers using Tablets and Smart Phones.

How long does it take to complete an online application?


The online application should take you no longer than 15 minutes to complete. Please understand that for security reasons the application will time out after 20 minutes. Please note this is a two part process.

What happens if I overpay and require a refund?

Please contact Accounts Receivable for further advice:
Australia – 1800 853 938 /
New Zealand – 0800 502 070 /

Please note you will be required to send this request in writing to:

Goodman Fielder Accounts Receivable
PO Box 90450,
Victoria Street West,
Auckland 1142

I am having trouble completing the online credit application form. Who can I call?

Please call the Goodman Fielder credit applications team on 0800 707 075.

What is the address for Goodman Fielder?

2/8 Nelson Street